Best Decoy Apps for Android

Decoy applications, also referred to by the name of “fake apps,” are made to hide the actual function of the phone and tablet. They are able to be employed for a variety of reasons, including to shield sensitive information or to shield certain applications from scrutiny. Android users have a wide range of decoy software accessible to them, ranging from simple launchers with password protection to more advanced applications which can make fully functional fake versions different apps. Here are the top decoy apps available for Android that you can make use of to safeguard your privacy.

With the growing volume of personal information that we keep on our phones It’s crucial to be able to protect it. A decoy application is a fantastic option to safeguard yourself. These apps let you build a false version an application that could be used to draw the attention away from your true actions. In case you want to hide your messages or want to be sure that nobody is following your location A decoy application will help. This article will take a look at the best decoy applications for Android.

Best Decoy Apps for Android


Vault is a powerful mobile app that lets you conceal your private photos and videos from your phone. It was developed by Wafer Co., it’s become a popular option for those who wish to safeguard their privacy on the internet. With more than 100 million customers across the globe, Vault offers a variety of features that assist users in keeping their personal data safe and safe.

One of the most important characteristics of Vault is the capability to conceal personal photos or videos. Users can save their sensitive media in vaults that are password protected which ensures that only authorized users are able to access the vault. In addition, Vault offers an App Lock feature that allows users to block certain apps on their device to block access by anyone else.

In addition to security-focused tools, Vault also includes other useful tools like private bookmarks as well as an incognito browser as well as cloud-based backup. These features add up to an all-encompassing solution for those seeking to keep their private information secure and safe. With its easy-to use interface and no-cost access, Vault is a great option for those looking for a decoy application for the Android device.

Keepsafe’s Private Photo Vault

Keepsafe’s private Photo Vault app, also called Keepsafe It is an well-known photo managing and storage application designed for Android devices. With more than 50 million people using it and more than a billion photos saved, it’s among the top and most frequently used and known photo vault applications on the market. The app lets users efficiently store, organize, and protect their private photos and videos by utilizing various security options, such as password security, PIN code access, and fingerprint unlocking.

One of the best highlights that is unique to Keepsafe features is the “Decoy” feature, which lets users create an fake password-protected album that they can use to deflect attention away to their own private photos. This is a great option for those who wish to keep their private photos separated from the ones they share with their friends and family members, or who prefer to keep their sensitive data from the eyes of others. The decoy album is personalized by adding a photo cover photo as well as a password which makes it appear like an entirely different app or album.

Alongside the security features it offers, Keepsafe also includes a assortment of tools useful to manage and organize photos. It lets users create album albums, tag them or even send photos with family and friends right from the application. It also has an integrated camera feature that lets users take photos and videos straight within the app and then save them in a safe and secure manner. Overall it’s a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for a safe and user-friendly photo managing and storage application to use on their Android device.

Hide Photos, Video and App Loc

The Hide Photos, Video and App Loc application by ANUJ TENANI is a ideal choice for anyone who want to keep their private photos or videos from being seen by others on the Android device. It allows users to remove your photos or videos in the photo gallery and also access them quickly by using a secret PIN. This feature is especially helpful for people who frequently have to share photos and videos on their phone with friends and need to keep some photos and videos secure.

One of the best aspects in one of the most notable features in Hide Photos, Video and App Loc app is the capability to block apps. This is useful to those with apps on their devices which they don’t want people to view like social media or banking apps. The app can also allow users to conceal their location which makes it a complete solution to protection of privacy when using an Android device.

Overall all, Overall, the Hide Photos, Video and App Loc app is a excellent choice for people who want to keep their private photos as well as videos, apps, and location secret on their Android device. With its simple design along with PIN password access, it’s an easy and safe way for sharing your phone without having to worry about privacy. The application is available in the Google Play store for no cost.

Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is also referred to in the form of “Hide pictures”, is an application developed by Morrison Software that allows users to guard their privacy by concealing pictures and videos on Android devices. It is extremely popular and is among the top Android apps available for android. Gallery Lock has more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play store.

One of the most important characteristics in Gallery Lock is its ability to hide files behind a fake password. It allows users to create fake passwords that result in a decoy directory and the actual files are locked behind an alternative password. This extra layer of protection assures that even if is able to access your device, they’ll not have access to your personal files without having the proper password.

Another excellent feature of Gallery Lock is its stealth mode. This feature enables the application to block it’s icons from your drawer of the app which makes it harder for people to locate and access your files hidden in the app. Furthermore, the app includes built-in image viewers and a video player, which means you are able to browse your hidden files without opening another application. In the end, Gallery Lock is an indispensable app for anyone wanting to secure their privacy on an Android device.

Safe Gallery (Gallery Lock)

The Safe Gallery (Gallery Lock) by DEHA is an essential application for those looking to secure your privacy on an Android device. The app lets users conceal any media files, like photos and videos with the security of a password. This means only those who have the password are able to access the files hidden.

One of the main characteristics that makes up this Safe Gallery app is its capability to download and block any of your favorite photos on a website. This allows users to store and protect the images they discover on the internet, without having to be concerned about other people accessing the images. Furthermore, the app includes a built-in decoy option that allows users to create an untrue password and decoy folder in order to deter anyone trying to access the files without authorization.

Safe Gallery is Safe Gallery app is also extremely user-friendly with easy-to-use interface that is simple for any user to use. It also offers a vast variety of options for customization including the option to change the theme as well as the option to block the logo from its home screen. Overall Safe Gallery is a great app Safe Gallery app is an excellent option for anyone who wants to secure their privacy and ensure that their media files are secure in your Android device.

Hide Pictures & Videos – FotoX

Hidden Pictures & Videos – FotoX is an application created by SMSROBOT LTD which allows users to conceal their photos as well as pictures or video clips in an exclusive gallery vault. This app is ideal for people who wish to keep their private photos and videos from view.

One of the distinctive aspects of this application is the ability of sharing your photos with family and friends following calls. This feature lets you alter and even share photos with other users without leaving the application. This allows you to send your photos with those who are most important and without worrying about their being visible by any other person.

In the end, Hide Pictures & Videos is an ideal application for those looking to protect their personal photos as well as videos in a private way. With the option to store the photos as well as videos in an exclusive gallery vault, and the option for sharing them to your friends and family during calls the app is a fantastic option for anyone searching for the most reliable decoy app available for an Android smartphone.

Gallery Vault-Hide Photo Video

Gallery Vault-Hide Photo Video is a fantastic privacy protection application developed by GalleryVault Developer Team for Android devices. It lets users easily conceal and secure their photos video, photos, as well as any other data they don’t want other people to access. It provides a safe and private place that users can store their personal information, making sure that it’s exclusively available by the user.

One of the best advantages in Gallery Vault is its ability to create decoy folders. This lets users create a fake folder which has harmless files that can be displayed to other users in the event that their device gets searched. This is a great feature for those looking to keep their information private but want an extra layer of protection for sensitive data. The app also has the ability to hide, which makes it difficult for anyone to recognize that there is an application installed on your device.

In addition to privacy options, Gallery Vault also provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to manage and navigate files. Users can quickly create, edit and delete folders in addition to transfer and transfer documents between different folders. It can also be used in different languages, making it available to a broad spectrum of users. All in all, Gallery Vault is a essential app for those who want protect their private details safe and private.

Private Photo Vault

The Private Photo Vault application by Legendary Software Labs LLC is an essential tool for those who want to keep their personal photos and videos safe. With an easy-to-use and easy-to-use interface, the application lets users easily cover and protect private photos and videos with an encrypted password. The app also includes a decoy function which lets users create fake passwords and a decoy folder to provide additional security. In this way, if anyone attempts gain access to your personal photos without your consent, they’ll be directed to the decoy directory instead.

One of the most appealing features that you can get from one of the best features in Private Photo Vault app is it’s ability to automatically import photos as well as videos taken from the camera roll. This means you can quickly and easily transfer the entire collection of sensitive photos and videos to the app without the need to manually select and then transfer the files manually. It also lets users to organize their photos or videos to various album types, which makes it simple to locate and get access to those you need.

Another fantastic aspect in the Private Photo Vault app is it’s ability to create multiple password-secured albums. This means you can make multiple albums using different passwords, which gives you greater control over who is able to have access to private photos or videos. In addition, the app comes with a report of a break-in which captures an photo of any person who has entered the wrong password, providing additional security and security. Overall this Private Photo Vault app is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for a safe and user-friendly decoy app on the Android device.

Gallery Lock – Lock Photo&Video

Gallery Lock Photo&Video Secure Photo&Video by AURORA STUDIOS can be described as an extremely secure privacy protection application for Android which allows users to protect their images and videos by hiding them and videos with the security of a password. With this application users can secure all their photos and videos to keep their gallery secure and safe. This is especially helpful when you are giving your phone to family members and friends since you don’t need to worry about their accessing your private information.

The application is light and user-friendly which makes it suitable for people of any age and skills. The import feature lets users to effortlessly transfer their private photos and videos into an encrypted gallery vault and be secured by an encryption. It also has the option of a decoy that lets users make a false password which opens an additional innocent gallery. This is a great method to frighten any person who might be looking to get into your phone.

Overall Gallery Lock Overall, Gallery Lock Lock Video and Photo by AURORA STUDIOS can be an excellent choice for those searching for a privacy security application to use on their Android device. It’s lightweight, simple to use, and offers security for your personal photos and videos. The decoy function is an original and beneficial feature which makes Gallery Lock an top choice among the top decoy applications for Android. When Gallery Lock is installed, Gallery Lock installed, users can rest at ease knowing that their private data is secure and safe.

Hide Photos in Photo Locker

Hide photos in the Photo Locker is among the most effective decoy applications for Android offered by Handy Apps that allows users to hide their images and photos in a safe and convenient way. This app was created to function as an invisible gallery application designed for Android devices, offering security location to save your personal photos as well as videos. The app is password protected, making sure that only the user is able to access the secret photos as well as videos.

One of the most important characteristics that is included in this app Hide Photos in Photo Locker application is the ability to hide photos as well as videos under a disguised image. This feature lets users cover the actual purpose of the app, which makes it impossible for anyone else to find these concealed photos or videos. Furthermore the application offers an option to hide the app, which shuts down the application automatically and erases all memory after a specific time of inactivity.

Another benefit of Hide photos in the Photo Locker app is the capability transfer and import photos and videos from the app to other devices or apps. It allows users to effortlessly transfer their files that are hidden between devices, or to share them with other users. It also comes with an integrated photo viewer that allows users to look at photos and videos that are private photos or videos with out having to close the application. Overall Hide photos in Photos Locker by Handy Apps is a excellent choice for those seeking a safe and efficient method of hiding the private photos and videos from their mobile.


DoubleApp is a multi-functional mobile application that allows users to block messaging, photos, videos, and other apps on Android devices. It is designed to offer users with a safe and reliable method to keep private information secure and safe from the prying eyes of others. It’s particularly helpful for those who wish to block applications like WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and numerous others.

One of the best aspects of DoubleApp is its capability to copy applications in the vault of a secret. The vault is surrounded by an unassuming functional calculator that provides another layer of protection. It means that even the device is accessible to someone else the device they’ll not be able to access the hidden apps until they know what the code is. This is what makes DoubleApp One of the top disguise apps available for Android.

Another great feature of DoubleApp is its easy-to-use interface. The app is simple to use, and users can swiftly and effortlessly hide or unhide apps in just a few clicks. In addition the app is continuously upgraded to ensure it works with the most current version of Android and to correct any bugs that may be present. All in all, DoubleApp is an excellent option for those seeking a safe and secure method of hiding apps from your Android phone.

LOCKED Secret Photo Vault

The LOCKED Secret Photo Vault by Privacy Geeks is an extremely powerful application to help keep your private photos and videos secure and safe. The app lets you create an unintentional calculator photo vault which is where you can store your most sensitive and personal photos as well as videos. The app has an interface for calculators that makes it appear as a simple calculator application to other people, but once you enter the correct password the app unlocks your secret photo album.

It’s not just an excellent method to hide and hide your photos and videos as well as hide your photos and videos, it is also a great way to hide your photos and videos. LOCKED Secret Photo Vault app offers other features that are useful. It can be used as a private web browser that allows you to browse the internet without leaving a footprint of your computer. It can also be used to keep a private diary where you can record the thoughts you have and your feelings, without worry about anyone else reading them. Additionally, it has an in-built storage feature that you can save other files, such as audio files or documents.

Its LOCKED Secret Photo Vault app is a great option for anyone looking to keep their private photos and videos secure and safe. It’s user-friendly and the interface for calculators looks like a normal calculator application which means that nobody will be able to tell you’ve got an encrypted photo album in your phone. With its impressive features and simple-to-use interface this LOCKED Secret Photo Vault app is among the best trickster apps available for Android.

Clock Vault

Clock Vault-Hide Pictures, Videos is a security application developed by WS INFOTECH that allows users to keep their personal information secure and safe. It provides the option of a private gallery that allows users to easily conceal the photos or videos thereby keeping them from the view of prying eyes. By using Clock Vault, users can protect files that they do not want anyone else to view on their device which adds an extra layer of protection for personal information.

Clock Vault has many useful functions and it has a nimble interface. It is simple to use, users can swiftly and effortlessly hide and lock their photos with just one or two clicks. The app also allows users to alter the appearance as well as feel of the private gallery by allowing a variety of themes and backgrounds accessible. Clock Vault is compatible with each of Android as well as iOS devices.

Another excellent feature of Clock Vault is the ability to ensure that your data is secure, even if the device is stolen or lost. It allows users to make a passcode, or use the fingerprint of their finger to open their personal gallery which ensures that only those who have the passcode gain access to the hidden files. Overall, Clock Vault-Hide Pictures videos is an excellent option for anyone who wants to guard their privacy and keep their private data safe and protected on their Android device.


AppLock is a well-known app developed by DoMobile Lab that allows users to secure their privacy on Android devices. AppLock allows users to protect individual apps by using patterns, passwords as well as fingerprint locks. This means that if anyone is able to access the device won’t be able access specific apps without the right password or pattern.

In addition to privacy-protecting features, AppLock also supports 45 different languages. This means that the application is able to be used by many users around the globe regardless of their language. This makes it an excellent choice for those who frequently travel or have family members and friends that speak a variety of languages.

Another great feature of AppLock is the capability to build an app that acts as a decoy. This enables users to make a new version of their application that operates exactly the same as the original however, with an alternative password. This is a fantastic method to secure sensitive data such as personal or financial data but still allow other users access to the app for other purposes. In the end, AppLock is a great application for anyone looking to safeguard their privacy on the phone.


LockMyPix is another great decoy app available for Android devices that lets users protect their most valuable photos video, photos, and documents by making them inaccessible to anyone other than the user. The app, designed by fourchars, employs advanced encryption methods to protect files, and ensure just the individual user can access the files.

One of the best advantages of LockMyPix is the decoy function that lets users create an fake password-protected album. This feature can be used to frighten anyone trying to gain access to the users’ protected files without permission. The decoy album could be filled with harmless, insignificant documents, giving the impression that the user doesn’t have anything to hide.

Additionally, LockMyPix also offers a user-friendly interface, as well as easy management of files. Users are able to easily arrange and organize their secure documents, and the application also allows the creation of customized folders. In the end, LockMyPix is an excellent option for those looking to ensure that their most important data protected and safe for your Android device.

Time Locker

The Time Locker is a hidden gallery photo vault application for Android developed by WS Information Technology. It allows users to conceal their photos and videos without difficulty behind a clock app that is working. This makes it impossible for anyone else to access the hidden files without having the security code or the password. Time Locker has over 1 million downloads on Google’s play store.

One of the most intriguing features that is unique to Time Locker can be its capability to secure apps. This means that users are able to keep their personal applications, like banking or social media apps safe and secured behind the clock application. This extra layer of security guarantees that even if an attacker were trying to get access to your device, they will not be able to gain access to the apps that are locked.

Apart from its protection features Time Locker also offers an intuitive interface that is easy to use and navigate. It is also able for import or export of files which makes it simple to transfer secret files across devices to the other. Overall Time Locker is a fantastic choice to anyone who is searching for a decoy program to protect their personal data and applications.

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