Games Like Truth or Dare for Teens in 2023

Among teens, truth or dare is a popular game. Dares not only teach you a lot about your friends, but they can also be hilarious and outrageous. You might want to try these similar games if you’re looking for youth games to spice up your fun party.

Dare and Dance

If you are having a dance party with your friends, Dare and Dance is a fun game to play. A bowl full of funny dares (like do the robot, do the chicken, etc.) is required.

  1. Let’s start the music and get everyone dancing.
  2. A random person will be called out by the person throwing the party.
  3. A dare will be pulled from a bowl by that person.
  4. The person who performs the dare will call on another person until all of the people have been called.
  5. One dare pass is given to each participant.

Setting up a stage for the dares will really add to the fun.


With this twist on spin the bottle, you’ll dare rather than kiss. A bowl, a piece of paper, and a bottle are all you need.

  1. Everyone at the party should write down a dare or truth question. It should be fun dares and questions that aren’t too hard or revealing. Dares can also be found online.
  2. Gather all the dares and place them in a bowl.
  3. The party thrower spins the bottle to start the party.
  4. A dare must be pulled from the bowl by the person that lands on the bottle.
  5. Upon completing the dare, the dare was returned to the bowl.
  6. Spin the bottle now by the person performing the dare.
  7. Once you have moved through everyone in the game, the game ends.
  8. The game can be restarted by adding new dares.

Never Have I Ever

When you are around new friends or just want to learn more about each other, never have I ever can be a great game to play. You will need a bowl full of questions or a cell phone with pre-made teen questions.

  1. The first step is to sit in a circle. There is a counterclockwise movement in the game.
  2. The first question will be asked by the person throwing the party.
  3. It should be left to those who have never done it.
  4. All those standing will consider a dare from those who have done it.
  5. The dare must now be completed by the standers.
  6. As soon as the circle is completed, the next person pulls out a question.

Two Truths and a Lie

Getting to know new people is easy with this conversation game. Friends are all you need.

  1. Form a circle by sitting together.
  2. Starting the party is up to the person throwing it or picking someone at random.
  3. It is the person to the right of the ‘guesser’ who looks at the person to the left of them.
  4. They must be told two truths and a lie by that person.
  5. In order to pick the lie, the person who is the ‘guesser’ has to choose it.
  6. They have the option of choosing two truths and a lie, and if they choose correctly, the next person will tell two truths and a lie.
  7. When the person who is supposed to be the guesser is unable to guess the lie, another person will be selected to be the guesser.
  8. As long as everyone has been able to guess correctly, the game continues.

Pass the Bowl

As with the much coveted hot potato for little kids, this teen version of the game will provide lots of fun. For this game, you will need a bowl filled with either truth questions and dares, or music and a bowl of truth questions. There needs to be a designated person who is in charge of starting and stopping the music. It is expected that this person will rotate every time the round is conducted.

  1. Make a circle of people and sit in the middle.
  2. Let’s get the music started.
  3. The bowl should be passed to the left.
  4. The person who pulls out the truth question or the dare from the bowl when the music stops must answer it truthfully or say it aloud.
  5. Once they have answered the question or performed the dare, they will then tell you what they did.
  6. It will be a while before the music starts up again.
  7. As soon as the bowl has completed two rotations through the circle, the round is over. In order to start and stop the music, the person who is in charge of music must choose another person.

Find the Truth

This game is not about finding the lie, instead, it is about finding the truth. The number of strips of paper you need is one less than the number of players. In the case of eight players, you will need seven strips of paper, for example. There will only be one strip that says lie out of all of them. There will be one strip that will say ‘truth’, and you should put all the strips together in a bowl.

  1. It is not necessary to sit in a circle to pass the bowl around, but it is helpful if you do so.
  2. In this case, the guesser can be chosen at random. An example of this would be someone whose first name begins with the letter A.
  3. During the guessing process, the bowl will be passed around from person to person.
  4. There will be a lie or a truth said by each person as they read their strip.
  5. It is the guesser’s responsibility to find out the truth.
  6. The next guesser will be the person who knows the truth.

Would You Rather?

Among teens, Would you rather is one of the most popular conversation topics. In addition to helping them to learn about one another, it is also a lot of fun for them. It does not require anything but your creativity in order to play this game.

  1. The participants will sit in a circle, and the question giver will move clockwise around the circle while asking the question.
  2. It will be the question giver who will start the discussion. There is a possibility that this person may be the youngest person in the room.
  3. There will be a question that asks if you would rather do this or that. For example, if you were to choose between skiing and snowboarding, which would you prefer? If you had to choose between eating snails or jalapenos, what would you choose? (Funny or gross questions can make this game more memorable if the questions are funny or gross.)
  4. It is important for everyone to answer what they would rather do.
  5. In the circle, once everyone has answered a question, the next person in the circle will ask a would you rather question.

Fun Conversation Games

There is something about true or dare that is never really old, and it is a great conversation starter. You might want to try these unique games similar to truth or dare if you’re looking for a new game to take your party to the next level. Maybe fun group games or beach party games are more your style than truth and dare.

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