Homecoming Corsage Ideas

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Fall homecoming dances are incomplete without corsages. A high school’s homecoming dance usually follows the homecoming game, which is usually the first football game of the season. Homecoming is usually centered around the school’s most popular sport, such as basketball or ice hockey, if there is no football field.

Corsage Etiquette

Your homecoming outfit won’t be complete without a corsage. A small flower arrangement is either pinned on a girl’s dress, attached to her wrist, or held in her hand. Usually, the girl’s date purchases the corsage and presents it to her when he picks her up. However, girls have begun purchasing their own corsages in recent years. She can buy her own corsage if she is attending the dance with a group of friends or simply wants to be sure she gets the perfect one. Every corsage is created to match the color of the girl’s dress, regardless of the style. When buying a corsage for your date, pick a color that won’t clash with her dress.

Types of Homecoming Corsages

Corsages come in several types, each with its own benefits and shortcomings. In addition, boutonnieres are important for guys, though they aren’t as elaborate as corsages.

Wrist Corsages

There are usually three or four flowers attached to a wrist corsage, which is worn by girls. One of the most popular types of corsages is this type because it is comfortable to wear, and if the dress is strapless, it is almost essential. A strapless dress would not be able to use a pin on corsage since they are attached to the strap.

Pin on Corsages

It is a nice choice if your dress is a classic style to wear a pin on corsage. You cannot wear a pin on corsage if your dress does not have straps. A pin on corsage attaches to the strap of the dress, so if your dress does not have straps, you might choose a different type.

Nosegay Corsages

Nosegay corsages are small bouquets of flowers held in the hand throughout the night. Corsages of this type are not very popular, but they can give a dress a unique look. It is mainly because nosegay corsages have to be held, rather than attached to a dress or wrist, that they are not popular. As a result, it is easier to lose the corsage, and you only have one hand free. Since a nosegay corsage does not weigh down the girl’s dress or wrist, more flowers can be added.

Ring Corsages

Try a ring corsage for a modern, simplistic take on the wrist corsage. She can wear this style on her finger and it features one or two small flowers attached to it. The smaller size means they won’t feel heavy or get damaged easily. Because ring corsages use fewer flowers, they may be cheaper. You might want to consider wearing this if you’re wearing a long-sleeved or heavily embellished dress.

Wrapping Armband Corsages

Flowers are wrapped from the wrist to the elbow or from the elbow to the shoulder in this type of corsage. A ribbon or flexible green stem holds sparse flowers cascading on a girl’s arm in an armband corsage. Adding an armband corsage to a strapless gown can enhance your overall look. It may cost more for the additional flowers and feel constricting when dancing since this corsage is longer than others.

Modern Corsage Styles

Homecoming dresses and corsages change in style and design every year. When you combine timeless flowers with modern designs, you’ll get a classic look. Look for corsages that incorporate current style trends if you like to be on trend.

Rose Corsages

In a corsage, roses are the most classic flower. From white to red, yellow, pink, and even custom dyed colors, roses can match any fashion style. Pin on and ring corsages look great with tight rosebuds, while wrist corsages look great with open roses. Choose a color that complements your outfit and tell your florist whether you’d like the roses closed or open.

Flower Designs

In the traditional corsage, one kind of flower was paired with ribbon and perhaps some baby’s breath. Flowers, greens, and other natural elements are incorporated into modern flower designs to create a mix of textures and colors. Choosing several shades of one color and different flowers on one corsage creates a monochromatic or ombre effect. Pair one main flower with different types of greens and fillers, like baby’s breath, for a more natural look. In this style, you can think of a small arranged bouquet that is highly designed.

Fall Flower Corsages

Autumn-inspired corsages should include fall flowers like Ranunculaceae or sunflowers. To mimic the changing colors of leaves, use colors such as yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. Be prepared to include fewer flowers on the corsage since fall blooms can be large.

White Orchids

The white orchid is a classic flower with a simple, elegant appearance. Whenever you use orchids in a corsage, make them the focal point. Put the flower against a simple leaf background or cluster a few flowers together instead of adding extra ribbon or embellishments. Since only a few flowers will be used, the corsage will be timeless and relatively light.

Peacock Feathers

On your corsage, use peacock feathers instead of leaves, ferns, or other greens. The feathers will mimic this natural look, making the entire corsage unique without being too flashy or trendy. If you want a bolder look, add a brightly colored ribbon like the teal in the feather’s natural design.

Tropical Flowers

The bright, bold colors of flowers like hibiscus that grow in tropical regions make any corsage stand out. Since these flowers stand out, keep the rest of the corsage simple with flat green leaves and white accents. You can arrange the flowers in a cascading pattern to emphasize the beautiful colors or cluster them to mimic their natural look. It doesn’t matter how you style them, tropical flowers always stand out.

Dark Designs

If your dress has a gothic feel, choose a dark corsage to match. The combination of deep red or purple flowers and black ribbon corresponds to a darker fashion style. A black ribbon with white flowers evokes a black-and-white photo, while red flowers are reminiscent of blood and vampires.

Crystal Designs

Adding crystal elements to your corsage will transform it from an accessory to a piece of jewelry. Instead of using elastic bands, ask the florist to attach your chosen flowers to a sparkly bracelet. A single large bloom with a jewel accent completes the look. You can also have a corsage made of crystal flowers if you have a vintage style in mind. Since the crystals won’t die or dry up like real flowers, you can keep this keepsake forever.

What About the Boutonniere?

The girls aren’t the only ones who get to wear flowers to homecoming. It is customary for men to wear a boutonniere, which is a small flower arrangement, usually one or two small flowers, on their left lapel. The boutonniere matches the girl’s corsage, so if she wears a corsage with a few red roses on it, the boutonniere would probably be a single red rose. Corsages sometimes include boutonnieres.

Prices and Where to Buy Corsages and Boutonnieres for Homecoming

A corsage can cost anywhere from $10 to $100, depending on its complexity, the type and amount of flowers, and the florist’s skill level. To be sure that your order will be filled in time, order your corsage a couple of weeks in advance in case there are any problems with the florist. When you buy your corsage at a local flower shop, you will probably be able to get a matching boutonniere as well. If you buy your corsage online, make sure you find a similar boutonniere if the corsage does not come with one. You can buy corsages from U.S.A Flowers.com, or you can visit your local florist’s website to view corsage styles.

Don’t Skip the Tradition

It is an important rite of passage for a student to receive a corsage for homecoming. The recipient does not need to be a member of the homecoming court to wear one.

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