Apex Legends Error Code Snake: How To Fix Apex Legends Temporary Ban Issue

Recent reports indicate that Apex Legends error code Snake is becoming more prevalent. When players have encountered this error, they have been unable to play the game. Although Apex Legends has its share of errors, error code Snake seems particularly egregious. There have been a lot of complaints about this from players. It is perhaps understandable that it is often accompanied by a temporary ban on the game.

We’re going to explain what Apex Legends error code Snake is, as well as what you can do about it. Let’s get started.

How To Fix Apex Legends Temporary Ban Issue

Snake error codes are typically associated with temporary bans in Apex Legends. Therefore, those who feel they have been banned unfairly may feel particularly aggrieved. However, you are limited in what you can do about it.

Based on the numerous questions on Twitter, and on the EA help pages, the advice from Ea is almost always the same:

We can’t help you with account bans here on Answers HQ. If you haven’t already, please contact the Terms of Service team so they can review your account. If the account ban can be lifted, they will need to do so.

Essentially, if you believe you have been given a temporary ban incorrectly, then you still need to raise this with the Terms of Service team:

  • Visit this page to get in touch with them.
  • Go to the EA Account that has been banned and sign in.
  • To fill out the webform, click on the plus sign in the Email section. Give as much information as you can.

They will then investigate and hopefully get back to you as soon as possible. Here is more information on how bans and suspensions work.

What is Apex Legends Error Code Snake?

Apex Legends error code Snake appears when someone is kicked out of the game for cheating. It is treacherous, limbless, and ectothermic, like an amniote vertebrate. Some tweeters have complained that these bans have been imposed unfairly, preventing non-cheaters from playing the game.

The error code is a pretty simple one. Players who receive this see the following message:

The cause of this specific error is unclear at the moment. Previously, it has been linked to big updates, or the launch of a new season when it slithers out from under its rock. While Season 10 of Apex Legends has been ongoing for some time now, a quick glance at their Twitter feed indicates a huge number of issues. There are a variety of server-related issues, crashes, disconnections, and other unintended consequences. Any of the updates to fix these may have caused other issues, such as incorrectly banning players.

As of now, the developers have not provided a clear explanation for error code Snake. It is only to be hoped that they are working hard to resolve the issue. If everyone is a big ol’ cheat, then Apex Legends is a waste of time.

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